martedì 2 aprile 2019

Dominion Hosting Holding, nel 2018 continua la crescita senza debiti

Il CdA di Dominion Hosting Holding, società quotata all'AIM Italia, che opera nel campo del web hosting, applicazioni web e cloud computing, ha approvato il bilancio consolidato 2018.

Bilancio consolidato
migliaia di euro
2018 vs 2017

5.970 vs 5.289, +12,9%

Fatturato quasi in linea con le aspettative degli analisti di 6,18 mln di euro(-3,4%).

534 vs 531, +0,6%

Utile netto
103 vs 245, -58,0%

Risultato molto inferiore alle attese di 0,319 mln di euro (-67,7%).

Patrimonio netto
7.525 vs 7.325, +200

Cassa netta
2.604 vs 2.481, +123

Patrimonio netto per azione
5,299 euro

Utile per azione
0,073 euro

Dividendo per azione

Giandomenico Sica, chairman of the board of directors of DHH, commented:

“We founded DHH in 2015 with the goal of building the internet platform of the emerging markets of Europe.

In these years, we executed 10 cross border acquisitions creating in this way the leading player in the Balkans in the web hosting and cloud computing industry.

From zero, we built a group with more than 70 people and 100.000 customers spread across Italy, the Italian Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia.

In 2018 we focused on consolidation within the group and commencement of new projects within our current geographies.

These new projects include the launch of Croatian “Sysbee” (March 2018), an internal start-up focused on managed infrastructure, and venturing into the cloud computing business with the acquisition of Serbian “mCloud” (October 2018).

In 2019 our goal is to make our position in the cloud computing industry stronger, growing both organically and through M&A activities.”

L'assemblea degli azionisti è convocata per il 30 aprile 2019.

✅ Dominon Hosting Holding 
✔ Prezzo 5,85 € 
✔ PE 12m 18,3 
✔ PB 1,08 
✔ Fair Value 5,76 € 
✔ Rendimento implicito 8,7%